About Us

We are a group of surgeons based in the Midlands who are committed to delivering high quality joint replacement surgery. We have taken the lead in adopting Mako robot-assisted technology to help us to deliver consistently good outcomes to our patients.

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Expert Surgeons

Mr. Jamie Arbuthnot

Knee Surgeon

Jamie Arbuthnot is a consultant surgeon in Birmingham practising knee surgery exclusively. He was trained in Liverpool, Birmingham, Exeter, Oxford and Australia.

Mr Mark Dunbar

knee surgeon

An expert in knee replacement surgery. I am keen to deliver an individualised result for every knee replacement whether it is a partial or total knee replacement.

Mr Ved Goswami

hip and knee surgeon

As a high volume arthroplasty surgeon I am focussed on producing a consistent result for all of my joint replacement patients. Mako allows me to do just that.

Mr Shiv Jain

hip and knee surgeon

Specialising in hip and knee joint replacement surgery. He has a special interest in Mako robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery.

Mr. Panos Makrides

hip and Knee Surgeon

A high volume arthroplasty surgeon with special interest in hip replacement surgery, utilising a minimally invasive approach in combination with MAKO technology.

Ravi Sehdeva

stryker MPS

As a Mako Product Specialist I help the surgeons get the most out of the technology from planning to procedure.